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READY MIX PRICE 2017 PRICE READY MIX CONCRETE Picture 1. Batching Plant 1. Understanding and definition Ready mix concrete is...



Picture 1. Batching Plant
1.Understanding and definition
Ready mix concrete is fresh concrete that has not undergone the binding process and the pavament is in production at the baching plant by adding chemicals (adimixer).
Depending on the type of concrete in a massage, then send spaciousness using a mixer truck, concrete Readymix in production at the plant under the supervision of a computer using the operating system, to ensure concrete Readymix got into the field in the plastic industry Readymix concrete was first buildt in the year 1930.

Batching Plant
Picture  2. Animation  Baching Plant
2. The advantages of using concrete Ready mix
Readymix concrete is widely used in contruction projects because alot of advantages, among others : 
  • A manufacturer Readymix concrete can serve a large area.
  • Can be sent directly to the field.
  • Have a high quality in comparison whit conventional concrete.
  • Reduce the time of casting.
  • Save space for mixing the concrete in the field.
  • Reduce noise pollution and dust from concrete mixing machine ( molen ) around the project.
In addition to the advantages of the existing technical Readymix concrete is able to provide a cheapher price compared to convesional concrete >>Here the price of Readymix concrete<< Mixtures efficiently, in addition to the concrete supplier Readymix helped by adequate material provide low prices, it was given because matrial purchase in large volumes.
For the needs of Readymix concrete or purchase of less than 10 m3 (1-2) is more expensive compared to convensional concrete because it is a fixed cost that is borne equipment rental is very high. As for the need or the purchase of more than 10 m3 ( ex: 1-2 ) cab be less expensive price tag, the use or purchase of less than 10 m3 of concrete should be avoided  >> Here's purchase of readymix concrete<<

price ready mix 2016
Picture 3. Importation process to concrete truck mixer
a. Hydration process
After the aggregate, cement and water in the mix, concrete in conditioning your order remains in plastic state for four to six hours in order to allow it to transported, casted settled in to location before the concrete starts to harden. Readymix concrete during the casting process were pressed whit a vibrator so that there are no air cavities and gravel nests.

harga beton jayamix 2016
Picture 4. Vibrator
All portland cement is a hydraulic cement, ie cement that reacts whit water and hardens in wet conditions, this process is called hydration process. During this process the binder will be out of grains of cement and aggregate processes occur. The process will occur continuously,causing hardening and a significant increase so that the concrete reaches 28 days.

Picture 5. Casting process

4. Mischellaneous concrete quality
In this type of concrete quality measurement unit there are several such K, FC and others, butil in Indonesia are frequently used in general is K, FC, K is quality of concrete compresssive strength of concrete karesteristic kg / m2 white a 15 cm cube speciment. FC concrete quality is the concrete compressive strength of concrete in the MPA that would otherwise require the test cylinder 15 cm whit a height of 30 cm.

  1. .Cast concrete k225
  2.  Cast concrete k225 Minimix
  3.  Cast concrete k250
  4.  Cast concrete k300
  5.  Cast concrete k350
  6.  Cast concrete k400
  7.  Cast concrete k450
  8.  Cast concrete k500